Photo Graphic Help

What do I need to get started?

All you need is an iPad® or iPhone® and the Photo Graphic app!

What exactly does Photo Graphic do?

Photo Graphic is a fun way to turn ordinary photos into memorable events by allowing you to take photos and overlaying the camera with fun graphics!

How do I take a photo?

Choose a graphic and tap the green camera icon to take a photo with the current graphic overlaid. Both the original photo and the graphic-overlaid photo are placed in your device’s Photos app.

How do I Favorite or Unfavorite a graphic?

Choose a graphic and tap the pink heart icon to add that graphic to your Favorites folder. You can save up to 20 graphics to your Favorites folder. To Unfavorite a graphic, simply choose the graphic and tap the pink heart icon.

Tap on the Favorites folder to view all of the graphics you’ve favorited.

How do I find the photos I’ve taken?

Tap the Film Roll icon to open your device’s Photos app and view the photos you’ve taken.


Can I change which columns of information I see?

You sure can! Tap “Customize Columns” to bring up the list of columns to display. Tap on the toggle switch next to the columns you want to show or hide then tap “Done”.


Can I get more graphics for other occasions?

Absolutely! Additional graphics are available for purchase from the App Store. Tap on “More Graphics” to view the available packages.


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