Crossword Grab Help

What do I need to get started?

All you need is a paper version of a crossword puzzle from a newspaper, magazine or puzzle book, an iPad® and the Crossword Grab app!

Will Crossword Grab show the puzzle clues too?

This app only captures the puzzle grid, so keep the clues for the puzzle handy.

I’m having trouble taking a clear photo of the puzzle. What should I do?

Taking a photo of the crossword puzzle grid using the camera on your device works best in a well-lit room with the page flat and in focus. Capturing the puzzle straight on will produce optimal results. Angled or crooked shots may result in having to retake the photo.

When cropping the image, what should I include?

Once a photo of the puzzle has been captured, crop the image by dragging the yellow corners to the edges of the puzzle grid using your finger. Do not include the puzzle hints! Be sure to leave a little space between the edges of the puzzle grid and the green lines of the capture box to ensure the entire puzzle is captured correctly. When ready, press “Crop”.

I noticed a few squares on the puzzle are incorrect. Now what?

Once cropped, compare the original paper puzzle to the rendered version on the screen of your device to ensure they are identical. In the event some squares are incorrect, you can easily adjust them by simply tapping on the area to toggle between a letter square or black square.

Now I’m ready to solve the puzzle! Where do I start?

First, tap on a square to select a word and then enter letters by typing on the keyboard. The active word will be highlighted in blue. Toggle between “down” and “across” words by tapping on the same square twice.

Uh oh, I typed in the wrong letter! Can I erase it?

To erase a letter from a square, simply tap on the square and then on the space key (“_”).

Is there a way to save my progress on the puzzle so far?

Progress on a crossword is saved automatically. Even if you quit Crossword Grab on your device, you can continue filling in the crossword where you left off.

How do I use Crossword Grab Helper to solve a puzzle in Crossword Grab?

First, select a word in the puzzle and them tap on the life preserver icon to send the word to the Crossword Grab Helper app. The letters of the highlighted word in the puzzle are automatically filled in and a search is performed. Note: Crossword Grab Helper must be downloaded and installed on your device.

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